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GreytHealth is an Archive of Dr. Stack's most
requestedarticles about Greyhound Health. 
These articles were originally published in newletters of various  Greyhound adoption groups, on the Greyhound-L internet subscriber list, and in veterinary publications.

Dr. Stack has been sharing her extensive knowledge  with the Greyhound community for many years. She has kindly consented to the development of this Archive, for the purpose of making information about Greyhound health readily available to those who need it.

Since this website was first published, it has
received over 70,000 hits by thousands of people
seeking to better understand their Greyhound's
health and well-being. Many of our visitors print out Dr. Stack's articles to bring to their veterinarians to discuss certain eccentricities of Greyhounds, such as safe anesthesia protocols, variations in blood test results and some of the medical problems common to Greyhounds.

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The articles on this website may be reproduced, included in Greyhound adoption newsletters and other publications, and as part of a "new owner" adoption packet. We do ask that you first obtain permission from Dr. Stack, and that all articles used are properly credited.


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Unfortunately, Dr. Stack is unable to respond to personal inquires regarding your own greyhound's health. Please contact your veterinarian with any questions or concerns. These articles are published for informational purposes, and are not intended to take the place of your veterinarian's evaluation and treatment.

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